Importance of Personal Elevator Pitch

Importance of Personal Elevator Pitch
Importance of Personal Elevator Pitch

Normally a personal elevator pitch helps us to present ourselves with expertise. In the case of network building, it plays an important role in our corporate and daily life. It is a key message that you’d want someone to remember about you and that mostly we use in different kinds of interviews. In this post, we are going to discuss the Importance of a Personal Elevator Pitch with examples.

What is Elevator Speech?

From our birth till now we are only with ourselves. However, if someone ever asks us three words to describe ourselves, we break out into a sweat. Let’s imagine a scenario. Suppose you are asked about yourself, your achievements, and your passions. The time given is 30 seconds to one minute. Imagine what you would say.

Imagine another scenario Think, you are in the elevator with Elon Musk! The fifteenth floor of Elon Musks‘ destination building; And your destination is the third floor and job to leaving Elon Musk in the elevator. But for the sake of honor and politeness, you’d be wise to stay. You and Elon Musk are in the lift and only 30 seconds distance in the middle. The whole thing is in your hands!

You can end this short time just by staring at Elon Musk in amazement or by taking a selfie. Is there any benefit to you or Elon Musk? Seriously, you will get lots of likes/comments on social media.

However, if you use a little strategy in these 30 seconds, you might get a huge opportunity to work with Elon Musk. The name of this technique is ‘Elevator Pitch’. The small speech that you will introduce yourself to him in a short time is called ‘Elevator Pitch.’

What is the Purpose of an Elevator Pitch?

The name ‘Elevator Pitch’ does not apply only to elevators. It is the process of briefly presenting yourself to anyone in a short period of time anywhere else. The purpose of an elevator pitch is to quickly let others inform about your expertise, and what your greatest accomplishments are.

We usually stay in the elevator for a very short time. This type of naming is basically from that idea. That is, if you ever meet someone important in the elevator or somewhere else who can be of some use to you or you are very interested in working with him, the small speech that you will introduce yourself to him in a short time is called ‘Elevator Pitch.’

It’s mainly designed to ignite a two-sided conversation. So you can think of it in terms of baseball, where If you pitch a ball to someone, they’re going to pitch it back to you.

What are the ways to make this ‘Elevator Pitch’?

1. Find the Three Words.

Know yourself, Try to find words that describe you. Choose the three words that best suit you and that set you apart from everyone else. Suppose I am a founder of a Coaching center, so Teacher, speaker, and entrepreneur are three words that describe me.

2. Identify you are Why.

This step is to identify why the other person should be engaged and state why you do what you do. This will help you better define your purpose and better articulate your passion and commitment to what you do.

It’s also a reason why the person you’re talking to eventually takes action. Remember, your elevator pitch is the same as a professional bio.

3. Try to Write in Some Detail.

Write down how those words describe you. One page is enough for 30 seconds.

In my case – I am a teacher. and I teach online. I go to various educational institutions as a speaker and give speeches.

4. Explain what makes you unique.

After mentioning who you are, who you help, and why you help them, then you want to talk about what makes you special and what sets you apart. To do this an easy way is to mention your greatest accomplishments. What are some of the big contributions you’ve solved or made?

This will help maintain momentum and give you credibility.

5. Include a call to Action.

Your goal at the end of your conversation should be to get the other person to take some sort of action.

It could be something as simple as an exchange of business cards or a request to connect on LinkedIn, or even better, a follow-up meeting.

Now, one of my favorite ways to get the other person to take action is to ask them a simple question. For example, I might say something like, is entrepreneurship something you’ve considered before?

This will be the start of a new relationship and hopefully lead to your end goal.

6. Practice Regularly.

Practice daily in front of the mirror. The best option will be to practice with friends. Then, the inertia will be broken. Audio or video recordings can also be made to obtain an idea of ​​voice condition and speaking posture.

All of us need to make this ‘Elevator Pitch’ as ​​soon as possible. Otherwise, if you ever have to read in front of someone famous or someone you love very much or someone you’ve been dying to meet for a long time, who you’ve had a lot of things to say to or who’s very senior to you. Can be of any use. But, just because of not being able to use that twenty-thirty second period properly, your words will not be spoken to him.

What you Should Include in your Elevator Pitch?

There are a few things to keep in mind when giving an elevator pitch. The person you’re meeting may not know you or care. But don’t stop there. You need to get attention by showcasing your identity, passions, and accomplishments.

Here are some things I kept in mind in this elevator pitch:

  1. Eye Contact: Who you are talking to.
  2. Body Language: Positive.
  3. Positivity: Passion description should be positive.
  4. Smile: Your smile shows your confidence.
  5. Interest: Your interest in getting acquainted will impress the other person.

Why delay, create your elevator pitch today with these things in mind. Practice and build your own strong pitch.

What are the rules of an elevator pitch?

There are some basics rules of elevator pitch that are very effective, these are-

Number – 1. Ready? Always ready!

The elevator speech in its classic form, unlike the typical interview, is almost impossible to predict and plan. You never know for sure when you will get the chance to tell the right person about yourself. That’s why it’s better to be prepared almost anytime.

But at the same time, don’t let your speech look like a rote text. It should be as understandable and simple as possible. Without unnecessary definitions and smart words – their time will come when you hold a full meeting. Naturalness is one of the keys to the heart of the conversation.

Number – 2. Nothing but information, information, and information.

In your quest to gain the attention and opportunities of some potential employers, remember that your time is extremely limited. In 30 seconds, you should have time to tell all the key information about yourself that can hook.

Clearly state what your profession and specialization are, what you do, and what tasks you are prepared to undertake. Unless you clearly describe the position you are applying for, no presentation will likely save you.

Number – 3. The Pen.

When composing the text of the presentation, write down everything you want to mention on a piece of paper. This includes professional quality, knowledge, and other pluses of you as a candidate. Once the list is complete, arm yourself with a red pen and slowly start crossing out the items you can do without.

The optimal size of the speech is 80-90 words or 8-10 sentences, so continue like this until your speech is reduced to the optimal size. Ideally, an elevator speech would include all these questions, “Who are you?”, “What do you do?”, “What do you want to achieve?”.

A good Elevator pitch examples: “Hi. My name is Anna. I am a manager with 5 years of sales experience. Now I am looking for a job in a trading company.

This story will take about 10 seconds and then the rest of the time can be spent describing your skills.

Number – 4. Alignment with Conversation.

When talking about yourself, it is difficult to refrain from praising and listing positive qualities, but do not forget that everyone listening to you will only look for benefits in words for themselves.

For example, the previous elevator pitch example could be improved by pointing out that a manager with sales experience has mastered customer service techniques and has dozens of successful deals to his credit. This will give a signal to the employer that the candidate’s listed qualities can be used to the company’s advantage.

It is important to speak the text several times in front of a mirror or with someone who can appreciate the presentation. Think about the tone you want this or that phrase to convey.

Number – 5. Speak Loudly.

Writing a good speech is only half the battle. The real difficulty and adventure will begin when you pronounce the text in the words. If you feel that any sentence that turns out, does not sound quite right, then it is better to swap the second sentence with the third sentence or remove it completely.

And add a little more excitement to it and your speech won’t remotely resemble the original version. That’s why it’s important to talk over the text several times in front of a mirror or with someone who can evaluate the presentation.

Think about the tone you want this or that phrase to convey. Such a strategy will help to get together at an important moment.

Number – 6. Online feedback.

Situations can sometimes get out of control. It is a reality. Of course, it is not possible to predict everything, but it is a must to prepare for the presentation of various options.

In order not to get confused by words, make a list or a plan of keywords for yourself, create them, and of course, improve. This method will bring you closer to success.

It is good to end the presentation with an invitation for further discussion of all the details of possible cooperation, and the exchange of business cards.

An important note: the elevator speech is not only a good opportunity to express yourself. The main purpose of this type of speech is to introduce and continue communication. That’s why it’s good to end the presentation with an invitation for further discussion of all the details of possible cooperation, and exchange of business cards. Plot your conversation so that he wants to know more about your professional level and, perhaps, offer you a position.

Number – 7. Employer Minutes.

We dedicate this paragraph to those who work with workers and to whom, to a greater extent, all the presentations and methods described above are aimed. Such people may use elevator speeches in their work, but only in reverse.

Therefore, many managers consider an elevator conversation with their employees not only as a way to pass the time but also as an opportunity to find out how a person works, and whether he has any plans or ideas. With the right approach, this technique can bring results.

Finally, we note that the elevator speech is not even a negotiation method. It’s a skill. It needs to be continuously developed and supported. Perhaps your first presentation will fail miserably, but don’t take that as a sign of defeat. Focus, practice, and your speech will surely find an appreciative audience.

In the modern world of information and advice, the ability to quickly and effectively attract attention is an important skill for successful people. A great tool for this skill is the elevator pitch.

The main feature of this presentation is its limited time – not more than 1 minute. How much does an elevator ride in a tall building? Within 60 seconds, you should have time to capture the attention of a potential investor (client) and sell your offer.

Elevator pitch formula

Elevator pitch formula.

Now when it comes to your elevator pitch, make sure that you get it right and follow this simple formula:

Elevator Pitch Formula
Elevator Pitch Formula

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We never know for sure when we will get the chance to tell the right person about ourselves. That’s why it’s better to be prepared almost anytime. It has happened to all of us before, it is still happening. So, if the ‘Elevator Pitch’ is not made, it will happen in the future. Which, hopefully, none of us want! And so in this regard, the most important thing is that we all have to learn to come out of our boxes and present ourselves. And to do this we have to understand the Importance of the Personal Elevator Pitch clearly.

Otherwise, in this era of networking, you may be deprived of the opportunity to give your best in the field just because you cannot present yourself in front of everyone.

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