What is The Meaning of Internship

what is the meaning of internship
What is The Meaning of Internship

What is the meaning of an internship? There is a perception among students that an internship is just a formality to complete a final year degree. In the last semester of the university, one has to gain hands-on work experience in some organization, and submit a report, only then the graduation certificate will be issued.

But an internship is not only a prerequisite for getting a certificate. In many foreign universities, students do internships and gain experience from the first year. Organizations like Google, and Microsoft hires interns very seriously.

According to researchers, internships open huge doors to the corporate world for students. Through this, a student gets an idea about the various challenges of a career. Researchers believe that internships should be done on their own, even if they are not linked to the academic curriculum. An amazing fact is that Leonardo da Vinci started his career as an artist through an internship.

Now if you ask what is the meaning of an internship, the answer can be present very easily. But if you want to understand the meaning of an Internship, then you have to know its importance, why it is needed, and its effect on our professional life such as everything. So, if you are interested to understand what is the meaning of an Internship, read this post.

What is an internship?

We are more or less familiar with the word internship. But do I know the details of the internship, explanation, advantages, and disadvantages?

It is clear to those who have already done internship programs or have experience. But it is very confusing for newbies. Let’s try to give some ideas by discussing this briefly.

Suppose you are a final year MBA student. At the end of your studies, you will definitely enter a job related to your studies. That’s why the companies that are related to your work create an opportunity in their office for various freshers or newbies like you to gain work experience.

Employers of various companies arrange internships by attaching your subjects to certain tasks. As a result, internships work to bridge your work with your studies. An internship can be done in various subjects like Finance, Accounting, Computer Science, BBA, MBA, English, etc.

Various universities have a system of getting credit through internships. In that case, various companies have tie-ups with the universities. Also, freshers who have passed out or students from different backgrounds can voluntarily apply for internships in various companies. Basically, they gain practical experience through internships by doing their subject-specific work.

Types of Internship –

There are several types of internships. Paid Internship and Unpaid Internship. Those who do internships are well known as interns.

Paid Internship is where freshers or graduation students work in a company and get only a nominal monthly fee at the end of the month depending on the size, type, and policy of the company. But that does not mean that he is an employee of that company.

An unpaid internship is where he will be given the opportunity to gain work experience but for that, he will not be paid any money.

Such an internship can usually be done by anyone learning a specific subject in a company that is related to their work.

There are also some internships where the interns are paid. In such special internship programs, interns are trained and taught hands-on.

Duration of Internship –

An internship can be of duration ranging from 1 month to 1 year. Part-time internships are usually up to 20 hours and full-time internships are up to 40 hours. Some internships are on a contract basis with negotiable deadlines. What is The Meaning of Internship?

When will you know you need to intern?

Freshers need to do internships! Internships are more prevalent in developed countries than in middle-income countries. They consider internships essential to gain work experience. It is difficult to get the idea of ​​practical life work by completing studies in college or university or by doing any technical course.

So if you go to the interviews and ask any questions related to the job, it is seen that the candidate, no matter how good a student or with a higher degree, gets tired of those questions. Because he knows the theory very well but he has no practical experience.

So doing an internship can be said to be an excellent learning period to prepare yourself before entering working life.

So short and long it is very important to do an internship program to enter the profession as a skilled worker.

How to get an internship?

Internship recruitment information is usually provided on the websites of various organizations. Various job search online platforms regularly advertise internships. Apart from this, there are various groups or pages related to this on Facebook.

You can directly contact the HR department of the organization of your choice to find out whether they have internship opportunities there. You can keep an eye on the company’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Generally, to apply for an internship, you need to prepare a resume. Sometimes you may have to participate in a written test. Be prepared to present yourself in the written or oral examination.

Some Important things to Keep in mind during the internship.

Know about the organization:

Know about the goals and objectives of the organization where you will intern. Before applying for an internship at the organization of your choice, check out their website, LinkedIn, and annual report. Try to know as much as possible about the values ​​of the organization, and the working style of the employees. Every organization has its own culture. You can also find a documentary on YouTube about the company you want to work for. From the documentary, you will get an idea about the environment of the organization.

Technical Skills Required:

Internships require different types of work in different organizations. But whatever the type of work, some general technical skills are almost always required. Learn the ins and outs of software like Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel. Apart from this, being able to present yourself in English and your mother tongue, knowing the correct use of the internet, and typing skills on the computer will keep you ahead.

Must work under supervisor: Must work under supervisor after commencement of the internship. In which section, how, what to work, understand well. If there is no opportunity to work under a supervisor, start by taking on someone as a mentor. Get hands-on opportunities by learning to work under someone as a career mentor.

Learn Corporate Culture:

Through internships, students get exposure to corporate culture. Learn to understand corporate behavior and language. Notice how to hold meetings, and how to work with teams. Learn e-mail etiquette including e-mail writing, and e-mail communication.


Learn to balance work, studies, and your personal life. Make a habit of going to the office on time. As an intern, you usually don’t have to stay in the office for eight hours, but still, try to follow the official rules. Also, take care that the university classes and other course studies are not affected during the internship.

After becoming an intern:

Completion of Internship Conformity is not the end of work, it means the beginning of work, facing new challenges every day. So take everything with positivity. Because you are here to learn.

Positive attitude

In the beginning, you may feel that your mentors are giving you too much work, and under too much pressure. But through this job, they see how you can do a job under pressure, whether you can finish the job within a certain time, and how well you do your job. So do every job perfectly as if it is the last job of your life!

Communication skills.

Now is the era of letter writing, so e-mail is our reliance to communicate with colleagues. Therefore, the rules of writing e-mails should be followed very well. And while talking on the messenger, big and small things should be kept in mind. Surely you don’t talk to your seniors or mentors the way you talk to your friends?

Give your best.

Give your best as possible and for that, you have to come out of your comfort zone. If you are unable to complete the work by the deadline, you must inform the mentors of why you missed the deadline. Everyone can have problems. But work cannot be abandoned because of this. Because last-minute work is never good. So the work of time must be completed on time.

Ask as many questions as you can.

Never hesitate to ask questions You are not a professional worker, you are here to learn. So if you don’t understand something, you must ask seniors. They are there to answer your questions. The more questions you ask, the more you will learn And by asking questions, they will understand how serious you are about your work And this is a plus point for you!

A Great opportunity to build a network.

Get to know all the employees of the organization where you are an intern and exchange skills. This will make your network much bigger. Later, in any job of that company, your name will come to their mind first. And this is a great opportunity to make a permanent job!

Focus on one thing.

Don’t try to be a master of everything. Focus on what you do best If you try to do many things at once, you will struggle to balance the time, and later you will find that you did not finish any of them.

Learn to think of yourself as a sponge.

You all must have seen the sponge. What does the sponge do? Everything sucks, right? You also become like a sponge, which learns everything in front of it; Absorbs all of it. Because the main purpose of the internship is learning. The more one can learn, the more one will benefit Learn all the details. This is your corporate grooming. So listen more and absorb all the knowledge and information. This knowledge will be very useful later in your life.

Challenge yourself.

Sometimes the pressure of work falls so much, that it seems to drop everything, and give up. But you will not give up! Because you should not shy away from a challenge. Taking challenges is your passion. Fight till your last breath Always convince yourself that you have been waiting for this coveted internship for a long time. Don’t think later, the opportunity was in your hands, and time was on your side, but giving up means that the opportunity also melts away from you. Then nothing can be done except to regret.

Yes-I-Can Attitude.

Someone will always try to do something given Sometimes you will do things on your own initiative, you don’t need to be told to do this and do that. You will prove yourself by jumping into new work at your own will.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Internship –

The understand of What is The Meaning of an Internship, let’s know its Advantages and disadvantages.

The internship has no disadvantages but benefits. Firstly, there is an opportunity to gain work experience. On top of that, teamwork can also be learned through the working environment of many in an office.

Generally, companies always need skilled people. Employers have goals for interns during internships. And makes permanent full-time offers to talented people. As a result, getting a job can be very easy by proving your skills while doing an internship.

A Common Mistake and Suggestion –

Don’t forget that internship is about honing your skills by gaining experience. Many enter into paid internships with a preference for petty gain.

During the internship, he can easily understand how much he lacks in knowledge. In that case, instead of neglecting its limitations, efforts should be made to correct the deficiencies.

Almost all large and medium companies have e-internship opportunities. Those who are interested can find opportunities for internship programs only by searching on Google by understanding the type of subject.

Top reasons for not getting a job from an internship:

The main reason for not getting a job from the internship is to choose an organization that does not recruit from internships. For example, take government banks and government institutions.

Govt banks will never hire you from the internship. Private banks also don’t take much, there is a 10%-20% chance. The private bank will take you when a new branch is opened if you can go to the field with target and get more accounts, and if your bank manager is of VP/SAVP rank, if you can please him, then he can recommend you for the job.

Now let’s talk about Multinational/International Banks. If you can do an internship in banks like HSBC, CITI bank(American), Standard Chartered Bank, etc., and show good performance then you will get a job offer.

Another reason is that most of the kids don’t want to work in lazy internships and want to work in the GB section in banks for copy-paste easy report preparation.

So the question is that those who want to get a job from the internship, where will they do an internship?
The answer is in foreign institutions and private institutions of reputed countries. BSRM, KSRM, Hatil, Otobi, Square Group, etc for BBA MBA students.

There are numerous such institutes from where most of the kids get jobs through internships. And once you can do an internship in a famous foreign institution and submit your CV, you are called for a job. Because foreigners value work.

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Bottom Line:

Researchers say internships open huge doors to the corporate world for students and also help them get an idea about the various challenges of a career. So try to understand what is the meaning of internships.

When you complete internships, your internship report, you can talk about the whole internship experience. It will make a opportunities to include in your cv what kind of skills or qualities you would like to develop or work more on. And it counts as an experience.

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