Month: September 2022

Non-Inverting Op-Amp Gain

Non Inverting Op Amp Gain

A non-inverting amplifier is a type of amplifier that is designed to amplify the input signal without changing its phase. In this post, we will discuss non-inverting op-amp gain, but before that, we need to know some theories about Non-Inverting amplifiers. The non-inverting amplifier is another mode of operation Continue Reading »

Characteristics of an Ideal Operational Amplifier

Characteristics of an ideal operational amplifier

An operational amplifier as an amplifier is a typical linear electronic device. Actually, it is an electronic unit that behaves like a voltage-controlled voltage source. It is an electronic component widely used for amplifying electronic signals as well as for filtering, conditioning, and mathematical processes such as addition, subtraction, Continue Reading »

741 Operational Amplifier

741 Operational Amplifier

An active amplifier or operational amplifier or op-amp is a high-gain direct coupled negative feedback amplifier. It is used in linear and non-linear operations. Currently manufactured in the form of integrated circuits. It is a type of integrated circuit. In this post, we will start with a basic operational Continue Reading »