How Many Megapixels Is the Human Eye?

How Many Megapixels Is the Human Eye

This article compares human vision to a digital image. Also, find out how many megapixels is the human eye. How much resolution does the human eye have?’ It is better to ask, ‘How many pixels would you need to create an image on a screen large enough to fill Continue Reading »

How Long Is a Thesis Paper

Thesis Editing Method

A thesis or thesis is a long empirical, theoretical report, with a problem, methodology, results, and discussion framework. According to the Oxford Dictionary, a thesis is a long essay written on a specific topic or especially for a university degree. The scope, length, and nature of thesis writing may Continue Reading »

What is Carbon Fiber | Made of

What is Carbon Fiber

Graphite fiber or carbon Graphite or carbon fiber is a fine fiber of carbon molecules with a diameter of 5 to 10 micrometers. In which the carbon molecules are arranged almost parallel and perpendicular in the crystal form. Because the carbon crystals are arranged vertically, the fibers are quite Continue Reading »