Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Research Statement

Things to keep in mind when writing a research statement
Things to keep in mind when writing a research statement

Although, after Coming to the final stage of Graduate or Post-Graduate, the subject that university students think about the most is the preparation of the thesis paper. But there is also a thesis need to be done while doing a Ph.D. But the field of the Ph.D. thesis is much wider than a Master’s thesis. We will discuss it in another post. In this post, we have discussed 8 important things to keep in mind when writing a research statement.

Creating a thesis paper is undoubtedly a challenging task. Completing a large-scale project like a thesis requires ample time, patience, a lot of studies, and hard work. But fear no reason.

By starting work at the right time, keeping everything well organized, studying the research topic, and noting down the necessary and important points, you will be able to complete your thesis within the stipulated time.

In today’s article, we will discuss, some things to look out for while preparing the thesis paper. Let’s figure out what are those things.

1. Defining the field of thesis

Before starting the thesis paper you need to know what area you will be researching. In this case, you can take the help of the supervisor or choose your area of ​​interest f.or the thesis.

2. Choosing the Right Topic

The next step after deciding on the subject or area is to decide on the topic. Finding a thesis topic is quite a difficult task. It takes quite some time to decide the topic.

The first step in determining the topic is to get a good idea of ​​the thesis area. In this case, the internet will help you to research. Go through the internet, books, and research papers, and then decide on the topic.

3. Acquiring Academic Writing Skills.

Presenting evidenced facts in a nice, concise form, well organized is called academic writing. Academic writing needs to be proficient for various reports, and research papers.

4. Start Work with Enough Time.

Creating a thesis is quite a time-consuming task. If you think that you can suddenly start working without any preparation and produce a quality thesis in 2-3 months, then you are wrong.

Because it takes a lot of hard work, a lot of studying, and careful research to prepare a thesis paper. A small mistake on your part can lead to poor quality of your thesis, even rejection of your thesis paper. So start thesis work with enough time.

5. Do a Lot of Study on the Topic of the Thesis.

The main condition for writing a good thesis is to read a lot of articles, reports, journals, etc. related to the topic you will work on. You should study the respective topic for at least three months.
In this way, you can know and learn a lot about the thesis and also what points should be added and omitted in the thesis paper, what format would be better to write, and what methods can be adopted for the research.

It is not only necessary to read the research paper, but also to find and read all the references that are given in the research paper.

At first, you may not understand all the topics of the research paper, but in three months at least you will understand what topics will help you later in writing the thesis.

6. Maintain Regular Contact with the Supervisor.

Another important aspect of the thesis is to keep in touch with the supervisor regularly. You should regularly discuss with your supervisor the quality of your work, whether everything is fine, and whether there are any mistakes.

As it will help in getting marks, it will also be useful for good recommendations in the future. Also, the chances of making mistakes in the thesis paper will be very less.

7. Give Special Importance to the Abstract and References.

The first part of the thesis paper is the abstract and the last part is the reference section after the conclusion. Many students consider these two parts less important. But two very important parts of the thesis are the abstract and reference.

The main gist of the entire thesis is presented in the abstract. A reader will first glance at this part of the thesis. So it must be presented in such a way that the reader is intrigued about your thesis.

All the sources from which you have collected information for the research, such as books, other research papers, reports, websites, etc. should be mentioned in the detailed references in order.
So that the readers can find any information according to their needs from those sources. Proper presentation of references will make your thesis paper more credible and quality.

So if you want the reader to know about your research, pay special attention to these two parts.

8. Remember the Main Purpose of The Thesis.

Everyone who is doing thesis work is under more or less stress. This is a normal thing. But if you feel more stressed and lose motivation to work then remember the main purpose behind doing the thesis.
Always keep in mind how a thesis will benefit you, what kind of opportunities you will get in the future, what new things you will learn, how you will develop knowledge and research skills, and the role of a thesis paper in higher education.

Then you can focus more on your work and produce a quality thesis paper.

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Bottom Line:

Here we have discussed 8 Things to Keep in Mind When Writing a Research Statement, these eight things are enough to write standard qualities thesis paper. But if you have any doubt then search on google you will find more. Remember, always help you to grow up your knowledge, so keep researching.

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