Self-Motivation Tools and Techniques | Self-Motivation Quotes

Self-Motivation Tools and Techniques
Self-Motivation Tools and Techniques

American famous writer and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar said that there is no elevator to get to the top floor of success, you have to climb up the stairs one step at a time. So, there is no shortcut to success, you have to take a long road to get there. Learn how to cross this big road with self-motivation tools and techniques.

1. Ask Yourself the “why” Question:

If we don’t know why we are doing the work, there will be no motivation behind doing the work. We want to build a career, want to change the world, or even want to prove something, these reasons drive us forward. America’s famous motivational speaker Simon Sinic talks about a golden circle – first, why, then how, and what? If you don’t have a goal right now, set one quickly.

For example – Speed reading, how to learn, or how to speak in front of someone.

2. Always Think Big.

People are ambitious dreamers. As our dreams get bigger, so do we get smaller. Just a touch of negativity can shatter dreams. Robert the Bruce, inspired by a spider, succeeds in his eighth attempt to conquer his kingdom. His thoughts were as big as they were strong.

From Stephen Richard, an inspirational quotation is “Always dream big, No matter how small you start.”

3. Find the Job You Love:

Oprah Winfrey said in terms of success in work – “You know you are on the road to success if you would do your job and not be paid for it.” No matter what your field of work is if you enjoy the work and like the work and if you focus more on the work than the pay, you will succeed in that work.

Always give priority to your love and if you work behind the scenes to do the best in your desired work, you will not have to run after success but success will come to you.

4. Persist: (Self-Motivation Tools and Techniques)

According to the Dunning-Kruger effect, many of us are very confident when we start learning something new. But when we start learning, we start to realize how difficult the task is to learn, and how much we lack competence.

As a result, our motivation wanes and many of us give up quickly. The trick to success here is to not give up in this situation. Once you master that subject, confidence will return.

5. Know Feedback: (Self-Motivation Tools and Techniques)

A marathon runner knows how much the cheering of spectators at the last minute of the race makes a big difference in the results. Hence, knowledge of results is a powerful driving force that benefits everyone.

So start working and get inspiration from good and bad feedback from people you know about yourself. One way to get feedback is to ask for advice or suggestions. Most people love and feel good giving this advice.

6. Seek Mentor: (Self-Motivation Tools and Techniques)

Seek advice from the wise. Seek the advice of a wise person who can encourage you and who you believe has the ability to encourage you. In it, inspiration is found, new ideas are found and even the meaning of life is found. So stay in touch with the likes of people around you and use them when needed.

7. Avoid excuses:

Don’t make any excuses. According to a University of Florida study, we make excuses to cover up the failings of our fragile egos. It makes things worse for important tasks that need to be repeated. That is when you have a big goal and you make excuses instead of doing small habits and actions to achieve the goal, achieving the goal is sure to fail.

For example, you need to walk regularly to lose weight, but today it is raining so you decide not to walk. George Washington Carver attributed “99% of failure to this habit of making excuses”. So quit this harmful habit today.

8. Positive Priming:

Start the day with positive priming. Priming is spending a little time aligning your thoughts and emotions. A group of Canadian researchers found that call center salesperson who saw pictures of success while on the phone were 50% more successful than others.

We all get smarter in the library because we can all think a lot there. Many people feel more successful at work by dressing well, standing straight, and holding their hands and head up. So, by priming ourselves positively, we can be motivated.

9. Bet:

Take life as a game and bet on yourself. Many people around the world have been betting on weight loss to lose weight. So bet to achieve something in life and you will see that victory will be yours.

10. Reviewing one’s Progress:

Nelson Mandela said – A task seems impossible until it is finished. So if you review your activities from past to present, you can understand how your current condition. It indicates progress. Good music teachers keep records of students’ first day. When they show the records to the students a year later, most students are amazed at their progress.

Moreover, past success also improves current job success. So we can motivate ourselves by seeing the progress of our work.

11. Start Small:

Start with small simple tasks. If the task is successful, we get motivated and start another task. This is called the self-stimulation cycle or automatic morale cycle. If we start with a task that is too difficult in the beginning, morale breaks down, which leads to frustration and stopping the task before it even starts.

For example, if you want to learn to sing, try for 5 minutes every day without working hard for two or four days. Little by little one day, you will learn to sing, otherwise, you will end up learning to sing after two or four days of hard work.

12. Stay in Touch with the Positive:

Famous author Jim Rohn writes that on average, we spend most of our time with 5 people. So mingle with positive-minded people who believe in change to get inspired.

Negative people find problems in every solution. So, always be in touch with positive progressive-minded people and spend time with them.

13. Always Maintain a Positive Mindset:

Man is most influenced by his own thoughts whether positive or negative. John Circle said that knock harder on their doors for those who say it is impossible.

So it is very important to think positively in all situations. The world’s best millionaires, billionaires Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Mark Zuckerberg have not faced obstacles in their lives.

But they never indulged in negative thoughts. Today, they have been able to register their names among the world’s top successes because they have kept themselves positive in all situations. So be confident and set up in your mind “I can and I will”.

14. Work Hard:

If you can develop your work beyond the capabilities of the average person, then life will pass just like everyone else. You may have heard the quote that 1% of success is motivation, 99% is hard work or you may have heard of the 10,000 hours concept.

Any way you make a plan and act on it, real success comes from work. Shreesh Pandy says “Hard work never betrays.” If you work towards your goals in life, you will surely succeed.

15. Be Confident:

Believing in yourself is the most important thing. Most of the time everyone gets depressed by the success of others and loses confidence in themselves. In your life the most important thing is yourself. Every moment from birth till today, whether there is anyone else by your side or not, you are with yourself. That’s why it is very important to believe in yourself.

16. Balance Everything:

Most of us think that success is possible only through hard work and chasing goals. But actually, if you just work hard like this, you will get bored at some point. Along with hard work, keeping your thinking power active, eating on time, giving priority to your feelings, taking care of your mental health, and being physically healthy are all equally important only then it is possible to be successful. “Koi Fresco said that Balance is the key to everything because What we do, think, say, eat, and feel, all require awareness through this awareness we can grow.”

17. Learn to Accept Failure:

Rabindranath Tagore said – “If you close all the doors to wrong, then the door to the right will also be closed.” Mistakes will happen, failures will happen, but life will stop just because. Life will go on at the speed of life. Therefore, learning from each mistake should try to make each subsequent work better than the previous work.

Edison said, “I was not a failure, I learned a hundred ways to invent this light bulb.” He saw each ‘failure’ as a lesson.

Eliza Carson said – ‘Always Follow Your Dream and don’t let Anyone Take it from you’. The dream is yours, so the responsibility is also yours to fulfill the dream. Along the way of life, you will meet a wide variety of people and activities. But don’t let yourself be affected by others. Don’t let a gust of wind shatter a long-cherished dream.

When the night falls at the end of the day, the pain is only there, why let the day go to waste, I could have done something good on this day. But as the night falls, there is nothing to do, once again we have to wait for the next day. Life is but one. Once you reach old age, there will be nothing left to do even after a thousand attempts. So take care of yourself, make your dreams beautiful and make your future successful.


Bottom Line:

So, by asking yourself why, taking action, taking feedback from others, taking expert advice, eliminating excuses, priming, making bets, monitoring progress, starting small, and mixing with progressive minds, you apply the motivational techniques yourself. You can motivate yourself.

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