Gender Queer Book Pdf

“Gender Queer: A Memoir” is a graphic memoir authored and illustrated by Maia Kobabe in 2019. The book describes Kabob’s journey from adolescence to adulthood. The writer explores gender identity and sexuality in the book. And ultimately identifying as outside the gender binary. This Gender Queer Book Pdf is also available in the archive.

gender queer book pdf
Gender Queer


The book tackles topics such as gender euphoria, gender dysphoria, and asexuality using both narrative and illustrations. It is a heartfelt graphic memoir that relates, with sometimes painful honesty, the experience of growing up non-gender-conforming. The authors begin the story from childhood to the present day. And includes many memorable experiences in their lives. Such as their first period, learning what it means to be transgender, their first relationship, and many more.

Critical Reception

Both Critics and readers appreciated the book with a good review. Publishers Weekly’s review stated that “this entertaining memoir-as-guide holds crossover appeal for mature teens (with a note there’s some sexually explicit content) and is sure to spark valuable discussions at home and in classrooms”. Kirkus Reviews lauded the book for its “sincerity, openness, and vulnerability”.


Several awards have also been given to “Gender Queer: A Memoir” besides its critical acclaim. The Gender Queer was nominated for a 2019 Lambda Literary Award in the LGBTQ Graphic Novel category. Publishers Weekly declared this book as the best book of 2019.


Starting in 2021, the book has faced numerous challenges in American libraries, especially in school libraries, due to its sexually explicit illustrations. The American Library Association ranked it as the most challenged book in 2021.

Important Note:

  1. It’s a graphic novel so it’s very easy to read if you have a print disability.
  2. It speaks volumes about gender and sexuality to me, especially as an asexual trans teenager.
  3. This book is not for teenagers to read but if you are a teenager and LGBT I know you have seen and probably written or drawn worse things so read it.
  4. This book helped you to realize the real things.


The person who has question about their gender identity this is an important resource for them. The book plays an important role for gender-nonconforming people. The book is very reader-friendly and beautifully illustrated. Because of this, it appeals to teenagers and adults alike. An important note to remember is that the book contains sexual imagery. So the book may not appeal to all age ranges of readers.

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