Fun Facts About Albert Einstein

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Fun Facts About Albert Einstein

Fun facts about Albert Einstein is a trendy title in the internet world. Because of the great Scientist Albert Einstein, Not only was a highly intelligent man and one of the world’s best scientists, He had a great sense of humor. One who could contemplate all the complex mysteries of nature, in private life he was sometimes simple, sometimes sharp and sarcastic, sometimes very funny, and almost always, a big mistake.

In this post, we have shared some fun facts about Albert Einstein that will help you to feel happy.

Einstein learned to speak relatively late.

Einstein learned to speak relatively late as a child. His parents were very worried about this. One night, while everyone was eating at the dinner table, the boy Einstein exclaimed, ‘This soup is very hot.’

His parents barely survived. Hearing the first words from the son’s mouth, the parents were quite surprised and asked him, ‘Why didn’t you speak earlier?’

In reply, Einstein said, ‘Because everything was fine before that. The soup was never hot.’

Charlie Chaplin invited Einstein.

Charlie Chaplin invited Einstein in 1931. At that time Chaplin was screening the movie City Lights. As Chaplin and Einstein walked through the city, crowds gathered.

Seeing this, Chaplin said to Einstein, ‘Everyone understands me easily. That’s why I’m so popular. Can you tell why people like you so much?

Einstein told Chaplin, “No one can really understand me easily.” So maybe like me so much!

Einstein’s Mathematical Formula for Success.

Einstein's Mathematical Formula for Success
Einstein’s Mathematical Formula for Success

Einstein was once asked to give a mathematical formula for success. He said, X+Y+Z=A, where X=work, Y=sports, and A=success. And what does Z mean? He was asked again. Keep your mouth shut, Einstein’s answer.

Colleague asked for his Telephone Number.

A colleague of Einstein day asked for his telephone number. Einstein then found a telephone book and looked up his own number from that book.

The colleague told him, “What’s the matter, you don’t even remember your own telephone number.”

Einstein said, ‘No. Does he need it or what? Why spend your brain memorizing the information that you will get in the book?

Einsteins’ Train Journey -1.

One day Einstein came to eat dinner in the dining room of the train and saw that he had left his glasses. As a result, he couldn’t read with the naked eye. So he called the waitress and said please read the menu. Then looked at him sympathetically and said, sorry sir, I don’t know how to study like you.

Einsteins’ Train Journey -2.

Einstein was traveling by train one day. The ticket collector came to him and asked to see the ticket. Einstein checked his chest pocket and pant pocket to find the ticket. He searched the briefcase and nearby places without finding the ticket.

The checker recognized Einstein and said, ‘Sir, I recognize you. You must have bought the ticket and now may have forgotten so don’t have to show the ticket.’

Then he went to check the tickets of the other passengers, suddenly glancing at Einstein, he saw Einstein still sitting on the floor looking for the ticket. The ticket collector quickly came to him and politely said, “Sir, you don’t need to show the ticket”.

Then Einstien Instant said, “hey if I don’t get the ticket, how will I know where I was going?”

Einstein and Taxi Driver.

The famous physicists who discovered the theory of relativity forced earthlings to change their perception of the world. That’s why he was very well known to everyone in his personal life and almost everyone knew him. As a result, he often had to go out on the streets and get into trouble.

While working at Princeton University, one day Einstein was returning home by taxi, and he forgot his home address. At that time Einstein was so famous for his theory of relativity that most people at Princeton knew him. But the taxi driver was not familiar with Einstein’s appearance.

Unable to remember the house address, Einstein asked the taxi driver, “Do you know Einstein’s house?”

The taxi driver replied, “There is no one who does not know Einstein’s house.” The taxi driver then asked him if he would like to go to Einstein’s house.

Hearing this, he said, actually I am Einstein, I cannot remember my home address. Can you drive me home? The taxi driver later drove him to his home, and despite Einstein’s repeated requests, the taxi driver did not charge him any fare.

Simple Explanation of Relativity.

Once Einstein was requested for a simple explanation of relativity. Einstein replied, ‘Hold your hand over a burning stove, it will seem like an hour has passed. But sit next to a beautiful girl for an hour, it will seem to you that only a minute has passed…that’s relativity.’

Joked About the Discovery.

The humorous Einstein once joked about the discovery of his groundbreaking theory of relativity, My theory of relativity has been proven true. So, now Germany will say I am a German citizen and the French will say I am a citizen of the world. But if my theory were false, the French would say I was a German and the Germans would say I was a Jew.

Worried Einstein walked away.

Once Einstein returned home from outside and knocked on the door. From inside, his wife thought that someone else might have come looking for Einstein, so she got quite upset and shouted that Einstein was not at home. Worried Einstein walked away without saying a word.

Complexity and Obscurity of Relativity.

The complexity and obscurity of relativity have led to some interesting stories. One day a beautiful young woman introduced her lover to the Father of the Church. The next day when the girl went to the Father, the Father called her close and said, I like your lover in every way except one thing.

The girl asked curiously, what is the matter? Father said, he has a lacking of sense of humor. I asked him about Einstein’s theory of relativity and he began to explain it to me. The girl burst into laughter.

Please tell me Einstein’s house number.

One evening the Princeton director’s house received a phone call, ‘Please tell me Einstein’s house number!’ Einstein’s house number will not be shared with anyone–the director hung up the phone saying sternly.

After a while, the phone rang again. It was heard from the other side, ‘I am Einstein, I have forgotten both the house number and the street. If you please tell me.’

Relationship Between Men and Women.

Einstein went on a trip to Palestine in 1921. A 22-year-old young woman was working there as the chief officer of an organization called ‘Yub Sangh’. Einstein was asking him about various issues of society.

Once Einstein asked her, ‘Well, how is the relationship between men and women here?’ The young woman fell shy. He said, ‘Look, professor, here’s only one wife for a man.’

Einstein took his hand with a little smile and said, ‘No, no. Don’t take my question that way. We, physicists, use the word “relation” to mean something simple. I want to know, how many women here, and how many men!’

Think About Mistakes.

Humans are the only ones who make mistakes. What did Einstein think about his mistake?

In 1935 at Princeton University he was asked, ‘What do you need for study and research?’

Einstein said, ‘ I need a desk, some paper, and a pencil. I also need a big dustbin, where I will throw all the papers full of mistakes or mistakes!’

Maths is Harder for Me.

For many, the word synonymous with math is–panic! Once a fifteen-year-old girl could not do her math homework properly so she asked Einstein for help.

Einstein told the young woman, “Don’t worry too much about math problems.” As hard as maths is for you, maths is harder for me.’

Explain Your Theory to us a Little Easier.

Explain Your Theory to us Little Easier
Explain Your Theory to us Little Easier

Once Einstein was asked at an event, ‘Would you explain your theory to us a little easier?’ Then Einstein told this story.

I was once walking with a friend. The friend was blind. I said, ‘He wants to drink milk.’
My friend said, Milk?” I understand drinking, but what is milk?’

I said ‘Liquid I understand, but what is the white stuff?’ ‘The color of a buck’s feathers.’
The friend said, “I understand feathers, but what is a buck?”
I said,’ A bird with a crooked or bent neck.’
He said I understand the neck. But what does this curmudgeon mean?’

Then there is more patience, say?
I grabbed his hand and pulled it tight. I said, ‘It’s quite simple now, isn’t it? Then hold, and break it along the elbow. The way your hand is now is called crooked or bent, do you understand?’

The blind friend said, ‘ Oh! Now I understand what you mean by the milk.’

Einstein’s wife thinks about her husband.

How did Einstein’s wife think about her husband? His wife was once asked, ‘Do you understand Einstein’s theory of relativity?’ She replied, ‘No, but my husband does.’ I know he can be trusted!

One is Enough.

The famous sculptor Jacob Epstein was once carving a bust of Einstein. Einstein himself became the model and sat patiently for hours helping the artist.

At that time one day, he said to Jacob, ‘About a hundred scientists have written books and tried to prove my theory of relativity wrong. If my theory is wrong, what is the need for so many? One is enough.’

The Queen of Belgium invited Einstein.

Once the Queen of Belgium invited Einstein to visit her country. On the appointed day, a fleet of cars arrived at the railway station to take Einstein to the palace.

But what where? Einstein was nowhere to be found at the railway station. The fleet of cars went back to the palace.

After a while, the scientist Einstein appeared in the palace playing the violin in plain clothes. The queen was ashamed of the matter.

He immediately apologized and said that the convoy had gone to the railway station to fetch the scientist. But he returned without finding him.

Einstein said, ‘I deliberately avoided the fleet of cars and I came to play the violin on foot. If I came in your royal car, could I play the violin like this? I could see the city like ordinary people?’

Only My Driver can Explain.

He was famous and controversial for discovering the theory of relativity. Frankly, not even the brain antennae of a scientist-non-scientist could ‘catch’ the matter. He used to give lectures in various meetings, seminars, and universities to explain his invented theory. He used to give similar talks in almost all the seminars. Once he was invited to one such seminar to give a lecture.

On the way, a strange Abdar sat as his driver. Said, ‘Sir, I have memorized your lectures. For one day today, I would like to speak at the Einstein Sage Seminar.’ The funny man remembered Einstein’s words too. He agreed to one thing. Let’s see what happens!

Einstein’s driver went to the event to give a speech and Einstein himself sat in the audience row as Einstein’s driver. At that time, the media was not so violent. So no one could understand it.

Einstein’s driver took the stage and gave a wonderful speech. Sitting in the audience row, fascinated Einstein started clapping his hands again and again. At the end of the event, one of the people present went to Einstein’s driver and said, ‘I liked your speech very much. But what do you know, I did not understand these such and such things at all. Would you please explain things to me?’ Einstein’s driver replied unfazed, ‘Oh! Does this matter? Only my driver can explain this matter. Let’s go to him.’

Which Door the Kitten Used?

Einstein can give such a beautiful explanation, but many times he could not understand the simple things of life.

Once Einstein built a house. One day he went to see how the house was. He looked around and asked how his little kitten would enter the house. No separate small door was made for him.

Einstein could not be convinced that the cat could enter through the main door!

Finally, to please him, another small door was made next to the big door, so that his beloved kitten could pass freely.

Of course, in the end, only Einstein could tell which door the kitten used.

Marilyn Monroe had a crush on Einstein.

Rumor has it, that the beautiful actress Marilyn Monroe had a crush on Einstein. So one day Monroe proposed marriage to Einstein in this way, ‘Let’s not, let’s get married? Then our children will be the best in the world in beauty and knowledge. They should look like me and be like you in intelligence.

Einstein immediately said, ‘And if the opposite happens? If they look like me and think like you?

I didn’t Believe It.

Once American Scientific announces a hefty prize for the best explanation of Einstein’s general theory of relativity in three thousand words.

In this regard, Einstein commented, ‘Among friends I was not the only one who took part. Because I didn’t believe I could explain it well in three thousand words!’

Why Should I do This?

Like all wives, Einstein was often asked by his wife to get dressed before going to work.

Most of the time Einstein would reply, Why should I do this? Everyone knows me there.

Then when it came time for Einstein to speak at his first major conference, his wife again urged him to dress up and go there.

Now he replied, ‘Why should I do this? No one there knows me!’

Visited Mount Wilson Observatory.

Einstein’s wife visited Mount Wilson Observatory. The huge optical telescope there was the largest in the world. An astronomer told him that the main function of these sensitive devices is to determine the expansion and shape of the universe.

Immediately she said, ‘Oh, My husband does it on the back of an old envelope!’

Einstein left Berlin.

Einstein left Berlin for America in 1930. He lost his wife on reaching the Berlin railway station. Anyway, once found him. Then he lost the pair of tickets. At last, he was found, and thus began his second journey to America.

The future comes early anyway.

What’s in the future? Albert Einstein was once asked. In response, Einstein said in a dejected manner, ‘I never think about the future. Because it comes early anyway.

I Passed Last Year.

Once at a party, there was a young woman, she don’t know Einstein. She asked Einstein, what do you do?

I am a student of physics, Einstein replied.

The young woman said in surprise, you are still a student! And I passed last year!

Daughter’s Marriage.

Einstein’s daughter’s marriage. Everyone was going to church. On the way, he said to his daughter, you go to the church, I am keeping my pen in the lab.

Despite the girl’s many objections, he went. After talking for 30 minutes, when he did not return within that time, Then, without delay, everyone decided and gave the daughter in marriage.

After 7 days, when her daughter came home and asked her mother where her father was, her mother said that he had gone on the marriage day and had not come back yet

Einstein’s daughter entered his lab to find her father. He went and saw that his father was thinking about something in front of the board with a pen. Then daughter asked the father what he was doing.

Einstein said absentmindedly, ‘Mom you go to church, I’ll finish this job in 10 minutes.’

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