16 Ohm 10 Watt Resistor Color Code

16 Ohm 10 Watt Resistor Color Code

Resistors are electronic components that offer resistance to the flow of electric current. They are an essential component of electrical and electronic circuits and are used in various applications such as power supplies, amplifiers, filters, and voltage regulators. It is a type of resistor that offers a resistance of Continue Reading »

12 Volt Voltage Regulator – HomeMade

12 Volt Voltage Regulator

Many times we need a constant voltage for various tasks or making electronics projects. If the voltage supplied to the electronics device is fixed as required, then the device can work properly. For example, if a 12-volt device is given a 10-volt supply, the device may work, but will Continue Reading »

Uninterruptible Power Supply Working Principle

Uninterruptible Power Supply

Uninterruptible Power Supply or Source short well-known as UPS. It is an electronic device that can store electricity for a short period of time and provide emergency power supply to various loads such as computers or other devices when the input power normally fails. A UPS fluctuates from the Continue Reading »

Inverting Amplifier Gain

Inverting Amplifier Gain

Basically, an inverting op-amp reverses the polarity of the input signal while amplifying it. It is a constant or fixed-gain amplifier that produces a negative output voltage as inverting amplifier gain is always negative. Also, at DC the phase shift from the inverting input terminal to output is 180°. Continue Reading »

Characteristics of an Ideal Operational Amplifier

Characteristics of an ideal operational amplifier

An operational amplifier as an amplifier is a typical linear electronic device. Actually, it is an electronic unit that behaves like a voltage-controlled voltage source. It is an electronic component widely used for amplifying electronic signals as well as for filtering, conditioning, and mathematical processes such as addition, subtraction, Continue Reading »

741 Operational Amplifier

741 Operational Amplifier

An active amplifier or operational amplifier or op-amp is a high-gain direct coupled negative feedback amplifier. It is used in linear and non-linear operations. Currently manufactured in the form of integrated circuits. It is a type of integrated circuit. In this post, we will start with a basic operational Continue Reading »

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